New features in PeoplePLAN

We are constantly improving PeoplePLAN in close cooperation with our customers. All new features will always be free of charge. You can look forward to additional interfaces and further possibilities to adapt PeoplePLAN even better to your company’s needs.


New action: Change base salary
For example change employees from a pay scale to a non-tariff salary model. In addition, the base salary can now also be specified on an annual basis.

Rename standard dimensions
Adapt PeoplePLAN even further to your company’s specific needs, for example by renaming “Legal entity” to “Company code” or “Organizational unit” to “Business unit”.

Import from Personio
Importing your data from Personio has been improved and made more flexible. Use Custom Reports in Personio to benefit from this.


Work easier and faster
More information in the action log, additional file uploads and the option to copy settings between legal entities make working with PeoplePLAN even easier. Performance has also been further improved.

Hidden cost items
To display costs more dynamically, you can now hide individual cost items. This also allows you to hide intermediate results, especially for complex calculations.


Role-based authorization concept
PeoplePLAN now has a powerful tool for assigning precise permissions for either individual users or entire user groups. Allow or block functions and control exactly who has access to which data. For maximum flexibility, you define which dimensions are authorization-relevant.


Calculated cost items
Automatically calculated cost items for planning can now be defined much more flexibly. We also added fixed values and conditions. In combination with the payment months, even complex scenarios can be realised.


Dormant employments
PeoplePLAN now also manages employees in dormant employments. The new actions “Dormant” and “Return” are available for planning e.g. a parental leave.


Personio interface
With the new Personio interface, PeoplePLAN becomes even more attractive for small and medium-sized businesses. Leverage the full potential of your HR data with PeoplePLAN as an add-on to Personio.

User login
With multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO), PeoplePLAN meets modern demands. Connecting to your Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) enables one-click login.


Projection types
From now on, additional methods for cost projection are available. Use the last actual value, the previous year’s value or a 12-months rolling average.


Pay scale structure
Define pay scale levels with corresponding salaries. The resulting pay scale jumps are automatically carried out in the cost projection.


Get work done faster
To simplify the execution of action, an existing employee can now be used as a template for new entries. In addition, when an employee leaves, a corresponding replacement can be generated with just one click.


More convenience
This time we implemented many features that will make your work easier. Maintain master data directly in PeoplePLAN, give custom fields their own name or adjust the columns of the planning table individually. In addition, performing customizing also became easier.


Copy actions between scenarios
Transfer your actions with one click from one scenario to another.


Performance improvements
Among other things, we have further optimized the performing of measures.


SAP SuccessFactors and SAP HCM interfaces
In addition to uploading files, you can now import your data directly from SAP SuccessFactors or SAP HCM. The number of available interfaces will continue to grow in the future.


Cross-border planning for multinational corporations. Plan your companies including country-specific SI contributions and currency conversion.


Integrated reporting
Get a quick insight into the development of your key figures.

Product tour
A simple and quick start with PeoplePLAN for every new employee.


Create several scenarios with varying parameters and compare different developments.


Mass actions
Select several employees to carry out a measure, e.g. for an entire organizational unit.


First Release
The birth PeoplePLAN.

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