Workforce Planning – Simple and Efficient With Software


Workforce planning is extremely important for companies. After all, personnel costs are usually the largest cost factor in companies. The personnel cost plan serves as the basis for all personnel decisions. With the help of good workforce planning, you as a manager have a reliable tool at hand with which you can make decisions on a data-based foundation.

Disadvantages of planning with Excel

Many companies still rely on Excel spreadsheets for workforce planning. However, this has several disadvantages:

  • The calculations are very time-consuming and therefore costly.
  • There is a lack of transparency because each department uses its own Excel file.
  • Excel is not designed for complex calculations. Therefore, there are often errors in the calculation.
  • Forecasting and predicting the development of personnel costs is only possible to a limited extent or not at all with Excel.
  • As the number of employees increases, managing and controlling access rights becomes more and more difficult.

Use of software for workforce planning

Companies that use software for their workforce planning avoid these disadvantages. The use of software offers added value in many areas:

  • Transparency through real-time information on the current development of personnel costs across all departments and locations. 
  • Speed through automated processes and real-time information instead of time-consuming manual calculations.
  • Comprehensive analysis functions of all past personnel cost developments as well as forecasts for future years.
  • Central storage of all data in a database instead of individual Excel files.

Workforce planning with PeoplePLAN software

PeoplePLAN ( is an innovative software that meets these requirements for modern workforce planning and offers additional benefits:

  • Software as a Service: you do not need your own server or IT infrastructure for our software. We take over these tasks for you and deliver the software via Internet (cloud). This allows you to focus entirely on your core business. And if you want to switch to another provider at some point, there are no cancellation fees or long contract periods.
  • Control permissions: You decide who can access which data in the software – by department or cost center. This gives you full control over your data at all times.
  • DSGV-O-compliant: Our software is hosted exclusively on servers within the European Union and is certified according to the strict requirements of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). This guarantees that your data is treated confidentially and in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations at all times.

Workforce planning as a proactive instrument

Workforce planning is very important for companies – after all, personnel costs are usually the largest cost pool in companies. Good workforce planning is therefore indispensable for making well-founded workforce decisions. Many companies still rely on spreadsheets for their workforce planning. However, this has several disadvantages that can be avoided by using software: time-consuming manual calculations, lack of transparency, difficult management and control of access rights, etc. Software such as PeoplePLAN offers many advantages over Excel spreadsheets: Automation, real-time information, centralized storage, DSGV-O compliance, etc. So if you are looking for an efficient way to plan your workforce costs, you should definitely consider using a specialized software like PeoplePLAN.

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