The 5 Most Important Success Factors in Personnel Cost Controlling

How can companies use personnel cost controlling to reliably plan, measure and manage workforce costs despite inflation and a shortage of skilled workers? Why is personnel cost controlling so important? In Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other European countries, the cost of wages and salaries in companies is by far the largest cost item. This … Read more

Free Template: How Does Workforce Planning Work in Excel?

What is workforce planning needed for? Workforce planning is usually part of the financial planning of a company. Personnel costs are often the largest item and should therefore be planned with as much accuracy as possible. The planned personnel costs must be coordinated in the planning process with the available budgets, planned key production figures … Read more

Workforce Planning – Simple and Efficient With Software

Intro Workforce planning is extremely important for companies. After all, personnel costs are usually the largest cost factor in companies. The personnel cost plan serves as the basis for all personnel decisions. With the help of good workforce planning, you as a manager have a reliable tool at hand with which you can make decisions … Read more

Workforce Planning With Personio for Small and Medium-Sized Companies in the Cloud

Intro The goal of workforce planning is to ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time to achieve business objectives. Workforce planning can take place at various levels within a company, from high-level strategic planning to detailed operational planning. In small and medium-sized companies, workforce planning often falls by … Read more

Workforce Planning in SAP HCM

Intro In order to be able to map the personnel costs incurred in a company as accurately as possible, the functionality of workforce planning was integrated into the SAP HCM software.  However, this solution has some limitations, so that an optimized software solution is required. The limitations include, for example, the lack of a modern … Read more

Workforce Planning: Plan globally and act locally – How does this work?

Back to Home Table of Contents What is Workforce Planning? Workforce planning aims to align the future workforce with the required skills based on a company’s mission, goals and strategic plan. Its central task is to identify the gap between the actual state and the target state and to precisely determine both the future headcount … Read more

What is personnel cost planning?

Back to Homepage Table of contents Personnel costs represent a significant cost factor in any company. That said, the amount of personnel costs in particular can be influenced to a considerable degree with purposeful planning. Personnel cost planning is therefore an influencing variable that can become a success factor for any company. In our blog … Read more

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